Bingo Deposit Methods

In order to play Bingo online, you must deposit monetary funds into your accounts. However, people have been noticing that they have been declined when trying to deposit money from their credit cards or bank cards. This is because many credit companies or banks will not allow people to fund their online gaming using these cards. But there is no need to worry, there are many online banking choices for you to use to facilitate funding your Bingo experiences.

NETeller: This option is simulated using an online wallet. By depositing funds into a NETeller account, you can withdraw and transfer any funds to merchants who support this system.

CentralCoin: This option allows you to transfer funds from your credit cards, bank accounts, or wire transfers directly into your CentralCoin account. You can access your account 24/7 through their secure website or by contacting their customer service representatives.

Firepay: This web-based credit card is available to anyone who possesses a U.S. bank account. You simply transfer funds from your bank account into your Firepay account and are given a 16-digit number with an expiry date (just like a credit card). You can now use your funds with any merchant that accepts Firepay.

900 Pay: This unique option allows its customers to write electronic checks or to charge their deposits to their telephone bills.

Prepaid ATM: This option simulates a typical ATM card. It works like a bank card that isn’t attached to your personal bank account. It works by purchasing a prepaid ATM account that can be used to fund purchases with online merchants.

Citadel: Citadel provides services such as credit card transfers, electronic checks, and alternative payment options. They provide fast, secure, and convenient service.

You now have all the information and tools you need to play Bingo Online. Choose the best alternatives for you and enjoy your play. Good luck!!!!

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