Bingo History

“Beano” was the original name of this popular game. At county fairs, the caller drew numbered discs from cigar boxes as the players used beans to mark their cards when their numbers were called. The first to win would yell out “Beano”.

Bingo can be traced all the way back to Italy in the early 1500’s. Here the game gained popularity and soon made its way to France, where it became a favorite leisure activity for the wealthy. Not too long after reaching France, children in Germany would play Bingo for educational purposes. Eventually “Beano” came to the United States and in the late 1920’s Beano became known as Bingo when a player at a fair accidentally shouted out Bingo and the name stuck.

Edwin Lowe and Carl Leffer worked together to redevelop the game of Bingo to increase its capabilities and by 1932 they had developed over 6000 different Bingo cards. It is estimated that by 1934 over 10, 000 weekly games of Bingo were being played, including many fundraising games for the Catholic Church. Today, in the US alone, an estimated $90 million is spent on Bingo each week.

Although some still play Bingo using an object as a marker to cover called numbers on a hard board, the majority of land based Bingo halls use disposable paper sheets for cards and re-useable in daubers to mark called numbers. As well, most Land halls have an automated video screen where called numbers are posted, in order to aid the players.
But Bingo technology does not stop there. Today, thanks to the World Wide Web, Bingo lovers can play their favorite game from the comfort of their own home. There are mass amounts of Bingo sites out there, where players can compete in the lottery style game for free or for small to large amounts of cash prizes. Playing Bingo online is very easy to pursue. With advanced technologies, the computer does most of the work for you, allowing you to multitask and chat with fellow players.

Your first step to playing online is to find an appropriate Bingo site for your needs. Then you must register with the site and if you’re playing on money games, you must now deposit cash into your account. Many Bingo sites will offer players bonuses for playing with them; commonly they will match your deposit. Now you are ready to purchase your cards and start playing. Depending on the origin of the particular game you have chosen to play, the computer will call up to 75-90 balls. The computer will typically automatically mark off the called numbers and in most cases; call Bingo and credit winners’ accounts.

The core of every Bingo site in the ‘Bingo Chat’. In the Bingo chat, players can communicate with one and other and participate in chat games. A chat host is a well-trained employee who can help and advise players as needed. They will also host a variety of games and award players with bonus dollars that can be used at the online Bingo hall or sometimes they will simply reward the player with cash.

Bingo is a fun and competitive game of chance that has come a long way since the days of using beans and hard blocks. It is a social game that brings together a variety of people looking for a good time.

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