Bingo Software Reviews

Today the Internet has become such a major resource for business, information, and pleasure. A major player in this field is the online casino. It is estimated that there are approximately 1800 casinos on the web with new ones being developed every day. These gaming sites feature popular pay and play like games such as, blackjack, Texas holdem’ poker, roulette, etc. One if the largest of these games being sought after is Online Bingo.

Bingo is no longer a game played by seniors at the local church or Bingo Hall, but has exploded into a huge market for everyone of all ages to be play on the Internet. 5 years ago, the U.S. Bingo industry earned more than 5 billion dollars. So you can imagine, with the increase in popularity of the Internet gaming industry what it’s future has in store. The rules of Bingo are so simple and the game is played by people the world over. The proportion of Bingo sites available on the web is rapidly increasingly every year.

The competition is getting hotter and hotter in regards to Bingo, a relatively new market. Therefore bigger and better software is continuously being developed to appeal to the largest amount of players. Online casinos have entered this market and have expanded their businesses to include this popular game, providing more competition to sole Bingo sites. As the market increases it is important for us to review different software and Bingo portals to maximize our playing pleasures.

Software Reviews:

Playtech Software: This software has been used in the online gambling industry for many years but is new to the Bingo market. Playtech has developed original software for the Bingoland Network, a concept that allows online bingo halls to share the same user base. The amount of the jackpots and the games grow as a single game is being played simultaneously among several networks.

Internet Bingo Ventures Inc. (IBV): In operation for 15 years IBV is the leading Internet Bingo software provider. Their software provides a number of functions requires in operating a bingo site. They offer single license software packages, stand-alone bingo software and turnkey software solution.

Bingo Works: Bingo works, developed in Canada in 2001, allows players from around the world to play the in the same Bingo game. Bingo works created the worlds first Bingo network that revolves around one huge jackpot.

Dot Com Entertainment Group (DCEG): Developed in 1996, DCEG is a major player in the online Bingo and gaming industry. They develop Internet gaming software and offer their clients a variety of technical support services.

Bingo Entertainment: One the most trusted and reliable software providers, Bingo Entertainment Ltd. Is one of the biggest providers in the online Bingo industry. Bingo entertainment is known for its promotional and management solutions. Some of their services include, email campaigns, media purchasing and promo designs.

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